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Gerda Joon................................Public Relations & IT


Gerda grew up in the north of the Netherlands in a county called Friesland,  She  was working as a central assistant for a cab/ ambulance company before she met her husband Lex Joon who introduced her to the world of dragracing. She became team manager for Lex Joon Racing taking care of everything that has to do with crew, traveling and organization.  Gerda and her husband organized and promoted with great success dragraces in the Netherlands.  She has a huge love for animals and became a licensed horse riding instructor. She managed to win several dressage medals with her horse Okido.  In October 2013 Gerda immigrated together with her husband to the USA to make their American Dream a reality.  

As Public relations and IT specialist Gerda will oversee the website and PR related matters for TwistFlyFishing.    


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