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Chad Horwitz   "What a fantastic adventure Twist put together for me.  Staying at the Caribbean Club and dinning at Luca was a first class experience.  Fly fishing in the flats of Grand Cayman for Bonefish was a thrill of a lifetime.  I can't wait to do it again."

Kevin Hogan    " One of the best trips that I've ever had.  Grand Cayman has it all, from the upscale accommadations to the awesome site of tailing bonefish.  I was really able to improve my skills because of my guides patience to work with me. I highly recommend booking your trip with Twist."

Pete Foster-Smith    "I had a blast flyfishing for bonefish with Lee Beard.  We toped off the day with some beers at Da Fish Shack and watched the sun set on Grand Cayman."

Terry Snyder    " I grew up in Oregon and spent many days fishing for steelhead on it's famous rivers.  I had no idea that the steelhead fishing in Michigan would be this great.  We landed over 20 fish during our 2 days of fishing.  Our guide was superb and I really enjoyed having Lee Beard as our host.  I can't wait to do it again and would highly recommend using Twist to put together this adventure of a lifetime. "

Lance Flanakin  " I'm still savoring the trip.  I had a great time.  Race car guys, fishing and getting rowdy, nothing better.  It was my first time flyfishing and believe me landing a monster steelhead on a flyrod is a thrill I won't forget.  I'm going back in October."